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Getting the chunky Adidas Yeezy Boost 500 replica is a click away. The design took the internet by storm when they first launched. This was his first design where he used mesh, adiPrene and suede to the iconic line. Originally, the shoe came out in monochromatic designs. The replica contains the same look and feel. But, now you have different colors to choose from and the thing you love is the replica is cheap. On the design, you might be struggling to find the right fit, but when this shoe was released they made extra room for people with wide fit. The replica does the same and you will not be struggling to find the perfect fit. You will be able to play around the extra space by wiggling your toes if you ever get bored. Getting to know how popular these shoes are, Kim Kardaashian was among the first people to be caught wearing them and that threw the internet into a frenzy. That’s a good enough reason for you to buy a replica. If it is not enough, think how comfortable your feet can get. Also, not forgetting the envy among your friends with your unique taste in shoes.

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  • $169.00

    Replica Yeezy Sneaker 500 Desert Rat in Brown

  • $149.00

    Replica Yeezy Sneaker 500 in White

  • $149.00

    Replica Yeezy Sneaker 500 Desert Rat in Gray

  • $149.00

    Replica Yeezy Sneaker 500 in Yellow

  • $149.00

    Replica Yeezy Sneaker 500 in Black