Invite Only: Follow local youth culture promoters and walk into Louis Vuitton’s Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li Store

Although for the current fashion industry, the perspective of inclusiveness and diversity has become the mainstream voice and attitude, few brands like Louis Vuitton regard them as a core concept. As a brand that incorporates inclusion and diversity into its own identity, almost every chapter of Louis Vuitton’s cultural narrative covers these directions. Looking back on musicians including Steve Lacy, Dev Hynes, Kid Cudi, and Playboi Carti in the 2019 spring/summer menswear series; Lucien Clarke became a Louis Vuitton signed skater and launched the first skateboard shoe in the brand’s history; the 2021 Autumn/Winter men’s clothing series was inspired by James Baldwin’s 1953 paper “Stranger in the Village” to deeply explore society Traditional practices create prejudice against people’s subconscious minds, and diverse identities, including artists, ronin, salespeople, architects, and students, present a cross-sector fashion stage… The study and integration of street culture and the deep connection with cultural scenes such as music and art together form Louis Vuitton’s inclusive and diverse cultural issues.
Examples such as these are not uncommon in Louis Vuitton’s travels. The 2023 Spring/Summer Men’s Anaya Show, which just recently passed, once again saw how Louis Vuitton achieved in an inclusive and diverse creative way It is a high degree of integration of local culture and brand spirit. It is in this way that through various initiatives, including fashion shows and campaigns, Louis Vuitton continues to push Louis Vuitton to bridge the links between fashion, youth culture, art and music, and embed this as a core requirement into the brand’s DNA.
Recently, the chapter in the brand culture narrative also came to the level of store space through a unified vision of inclusiveness and diversity. Louis Vuitton’s Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store was newly unveiled. Unlike traditional store space design, Louis Vuitton’s Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store combines the same inclusive urban attributes, integrating retail, culture, and lifestyle spaces.
Multiculturalism and lifestyle blend into Louis Vuitton’s Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li

store. We also invited the local youth cultural opinion leader in Chengdu, BIGLOCO, and first-year students to personally visit Louis Vuitton’s Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store from their perspective through the video section “Invite Only”.
The Louis Vuitton House Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store is the third Louis Vuitton home opened by the brand in mainland China. There are two single-family buildings and an open courtyard. The courtyard blends with the traditional style of Sichuan-style architecture, and a three-story modern retail space showcasing all Louis Vuitton products.

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