New NB x ATMOS shoes are coming soon! Netizens: It’s still a familiar taste!

Along with the rise of retro style, major sneaker brands began to launch their own retro shoe models one after another, and when it comes to retro sneaker brands, I have to mention New Balance.

The 2002R model sold last year can be described as one of the most popular retro running shoes today and is highly sought after by countless sneaker players.

Recently, New Balance teamed up with Japanese sneaker store ATMOS to launch a new joint name based on 2002R.

The whole pair chose different shades of khaki as the main tone, complemented by gray details, and the look was very versatile.

The texture of the material is still playable. It is made of suede, long-fleece suede, and mesh fabric stitching, which enhances the sense of hierarchy of the shoe body.

The sideways N logo and heel midsole are embellished with turquoise green, adding a touch of color to the otherwise discreet body.

It ends with a white midsole and a khaki outsole to complete the overall design.

It is reported that the brand new ATMOS  X New Balance 2002R“ Oasis” will be in October On the 28th, I logged in to ATMOS’s online and offline stores. Interested friends can continue to pay attention. We will also report to you as soon as possible.

Pic via: ATMOS

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