Not installed anymore! The showdown is over! Clover’s “New Hole Shoe” is on sale CONFIRMED!

Just yesterday, Adidas announced the official termination of the partnership with Ye (formerly Kanye West).

It also strongly stated that the brand owns the design and color scheme of the Yeezy series, which directly led to a wave of lore!

You need to know that when Grandpa Kan was crazy before, Adidas never tore his face apart in order to take care of his face.

Even the clover “new hole shoes” ADIFOM Q, which Kan is furiously plagiarizing, Adidas planned to temporarily cancel sales at the beginning.

Now that Adidas is officially broken with Kan Ya, what kind of outfit do they wear? Direct showdown! ADIFOM Q is on CONFIRMED backhanded!

If you enter the National App now, you can see that the black and white color scheme has appeared on the teaser page.

Speaking of the shoe itself, although the upper is molded with foam, the striped texture on the surface has a rich sense of layers.

The biggest highlight is the detachable inner boot, which retains the traditional tongue and laces design, further enhancing the sense of design and comfort.

The black and white combination itself is also one of the most popular color schemes among players, so it’s not difficult to wear and control.

According to official information, the brand new ADIFOM Q will go on sale on October 28, that is, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., in a concerted manner, at a price of RMB 899.

Now you can go to the CONFIRMED app to pre-register, so if you like it, you might as well get ready in advance!

2384080cookie-checkNot installed anymore! The showdown is over! Clover’s “New Hole Shoe” is on sale CONFIRMED!

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