Pyer Moss x Reebok collaboration shoe model fully released in three colors

The fashion brand Pyer Moss, founded by designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, has collaborated with Reebok several times, and the products launched have all had a great response. There was also news on the internet earlier about the new shoe collaboration between the two, but they are all just the tip of the iceberg. This time, the brand officially brought a close-up award for the complete cooperative shoe model. You can see that there are a total of three pairs of cooperative shoes, all of which are “EXPERIMENT 4” shoes. In addition to the green model that came out earlier, the official name is “GRASS IS GREENER”, which fits the grass green color scheme, and looks fresh and natural. In addition, there is also the representative red and blue model of the United States called “NURSING DAY” and the black and yellow color scheme called “BRAND CODES”. The large color block stitching is combined with a strong outline to create a different sense of design. Among the shoe models in this collaboration, the green model will go on sale on the official website on November 12 EST. The specific sales information for the other two pairs of shoes is yet to be announced further. Interested friends may wish to keep an eye out.

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