RepsFinder Known as the “strongest legs” on the sidelines of the NBA! Sexy barb with goods 3.0! Netizens: I love her… shoes!

If you want to talk about the new shoes that Xiaobian wants the most this year, it’s none other than “Barb 3.0”! But after several months of waiting, 5.0 came to light, and none of it was sold……

In desperation, Xiaobian was only able to find sketches and illustrations everywhere to relieve spasms. As a result, she inadvertently brushed a barb wearing a barb The beauty of 3.0, the more you look at it, the more familiar it is!

Set your eyes on it, this isn’t what the whole network was looking for in the first place” “NBA diva on the sidelines”?

This is a sudden fate, don’t go on getting to know her in depth How can it work?

Xiaobian isn’t a solo eater either. I’m going to give everyone a good science popularization today, this young lady!


In fact, as early as a few months ago, someone revealed her identity. This beautiful woman, called Kim Shidi, is a Chinese socialite from New Zealand


A pair of slender legs kept her on the sidelines of the NBA It stood out in the audience and instantly became popular all over the Internet.

Not only are they in top shape, but they are also very good at playing with the Kendou sisters There was no loss in the group photo.

The daily business is even more interesting. Xiaobian simply put a few pictures for Everyone, feel it.

What’s even more surprising is that Kim Shidi occasionally wears some sneakers, just For example, the “barb 3.0” mentioned at the beginning.

Incense cars, beautiful women, watches, sneakers, whoever sees it doesn’t get confused!

CDG x Converse’s Chuck 70 is also one of her favorites, and she looks sweet when paired with denim hot pants.

I once met Kanye’s girlfriend on the sidelines, privately Also an uncompromising Yeezy fan.

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