RepsFinder Rui Hachimura AJ37 PE Exposed! Who is more handsome than 36?

Earlier, Air Jordan 36 PE, exclusive to Wizards Japanese star Yuki Hachimura, came to light, and the Black Samurai theme attracted a large number of players.

Yuki Hachimura himself personally played in the NBA Japan tournament, and also released information on the market, and will debut in December.

It’s only been a few days since then, a physical image of Air Jordan 37 Hachimura Rui PE suddenly appeared on the Internet, and there was a new change in design!

Instead of a complex pattern, the upper is simply covered in red, where the upper and surrounding parts of the shoe are treated with a special material.

The slightly yellowed midsole is embellished with bursting cracks, and the color combination of the top and bottom echoes the color scheme of the Japanese flag.

The patch on the tongue of the shoe is still Yuki Hachimura’s personal logo, and it has a jade-like texture effect.

Currently, there is no release information on the sale of this pair of Air Jordan 37 Hachimura Rui PE, so if you like it, please keep an eye on our follow-up reports!

Pic via: Spicychickenwings
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