RepsFinder Sillage “Muay Thai” 5th Anniversary Bespoke Series Officially Released

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<p>To celebrate the brand’s 5th anniversary, Sillage, headed by Nicolas Yuthanan Chalmeau, will bring back last year’s hugely popular “Muay Thai Muay Thai” series in a different way. </p>
<p>Muay Thai prints are drawn by artist Hitomi Kawasaki from Fukuoka, Japan, and the costumes are printed with different Muay Thai boxing techniques and instructions in Thai. The line items are made from VENTILE® fabric, and CPO drop shoulder shirts, buttoned jackets, and wide pants have been introduced. The breathable, moisture-wicking shirt has a flat hem design, followed by wide pants with buttons and a drawstring. In addition to the pants, the drawstring also has a Muay Thai print, reflecting the brand’s attention to detail. </p>
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<p>“Muay Thai” series for the 5th anniversary of Sillage will be on the shelves soon. Interested readers may wish to keep an eye on brand trends. </p>
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