RepsFinder The “Chicago” AJ1 official map is finally here! Is it really important that everyone is the same person?

Over the last two months of 2022, the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1 will undoubtedly be the most watched new pair of shoes.

The original Chicago look, distressed details, and…… even faded shoeboxes, old newspapers, and old receipts have all been brought back, condensing over 30 years of history.

As the release date gets closer and closer, the“ official display image of the Air Jordan 1 High OG” Lost and Found pair has finally been released, so take advantage of the adrendition once again before it goes on sale!

The color scheme and shoe shape all show the style of the first year, so there is no need to elaborate on the level of classics.

The white and black parts of the shoe body restore the effect of the oxidized leather cracking of the old shoe, and details such as the tongue and sole are also oxidized.

Also, a number of media outlets have revealed news about the volume of these shoes earlier. Some people claim that the global shipment volume is 100,000 pairs, while others claim that it can reach an astonishing 500,000 pairs.

Anyway, regardless of the former or the latter, it’s quite a number. It’s definitely good news for players, which means that the chances of getting started at a good price are quite high.

Finally, let me remind you once again when these shoes will go on sale. They will officially debut on November 19, at a price of $180.

I believe the details of the domestic sale will also be released soon. We will continue to follow up and bring relevant reports as soon as possible!

Air Jordan 1 High OG“ Lost and Found”
Item Number
: DZ5485-612 Sale Date: November
19 Sale Price: $180

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