RepsFinder The classic Reunion characters are back! BAPE x Marvel Co-branded shoes are on sale tomorrow!

In the past two years, the BAPE STA™ shoe model has returned to everyone’s eyes and has become The first choice for many hipsters with personalities.

Not only are there plenty of regular colors, but various co-brands are also popping up endlessly, and there is no shortage of styles that are hard to find.

Recently, the BAPE STA™ x Marvel co-branded shoes appeared, and will be sold domestically tomorrow.

Six color schemes appeared this time, namely the US team and Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Black Widow themes.

Inspired by the image of a classic comic, it uses a color scheme with the comic The corresponding patent leather creates the shoe body.

The pattern embellishing the character’s comic image on the back is highlighted Joint identity.

The insole is also printed with a character comic pattern, which matches the design of the shoe model Echoes.

The packaging also changed the traditional shoebox design, using the same as a toy The hanging card package pays tribute to the design when the two parties signed a joint name in 2005.

Not only is it co-branded with Marvel, but the all-patent leather design itself is quite similar Brilliant,™ don’t miss it if you love BAPE STA.

It will be on® sale at the BAPE STORE on August 21, which is tomorrow. In addition to the shoes, there are also matching clothing, so if you like it, you may want to keep an eye on it.

Sales Stores
Beijing: Taikoo Li Sanlitun/Galeries Lafayette

Shanghai: Xintiandi/Former Taikoo Li Beach/ Disney Town
Guangzhou: Taikoo Hui
Chengdu: Ocean Taikoo Li
Qingdao: China Resources MixC
Shenyang: China Resources MixC
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