The “reverse” color scheme after a lapse of 21 years! I’m afraid this pair of Dunks won’t be easy to grab!

As one of the most classic shoe types among sneaker players, the Dunk series is appearing more and more on the streets, not only because it looks great and is versatile, but because of the popularity of many stars, it has further increased its popularity.

While Nike has introduced new color schemes over the past two years, it has not stopped reproducing classic themes.

Recently, the new reversal “Brazil” Dunk Low released footprints, confirming that it will go on sale next year.

“Brazil” Dunk Low, which first launched in 2001, returned in 2020. Currently, the market price for men’s sizes has exceeded 2,000 yuan.

Last year, Supreme also brought “Brazil” Supreme x SB Dunk in the SB Dunk shoe model. The surprise is that although they are popular, the market price mostly hovers around 2,000 yuan.  
▼ Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High

Let’s take a look at the reverse “Brazil” Dunk Low, which is confirmed to be on sale next year. The material is covered with leather, which highlights the  high quality of the Dunk series as always.

The color scheme remains classic yellow and green, in line with the Brazilian flag.

The fresh and striking colors are perfect for summer footwear. I wonder if this highly recognizable pair of inverted “Brazil” Dunk Low made you feel moved?

It is reported that the brand new Nike Dunk Low“ Reverse Brazil” will officially go on sale on January 2 next year. Sale price For $110, be sure to stay tuned if you like it, and we’ll bring you the latest news as soon as possible.

Nike Dunk Low“ Reverse Brazil”
Item Number:
DV0833-300 Sale Date: January 2, 2023
Sale Price: $110

Pic via: Yankeekicks

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